Magus Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

  • Vision

  • To create flourishing communities.

  • Mission

  • Magus is a driving force and partner in creation of affordable world-class infrastructure and realty by delivering innovative solutions.

The humble journey commenced by the Founder, Shri Ratilal Suchak in 1954 with the setting up of an ordinary taxation consulting firm, matured into a full-fledged Project Management Consultancy (PMC) called Magus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in 2003. Today, Magus Consulting is a leading integrated, end-to-end solution provider across 6 micro-infrastructure and realty sectors.


We provide 10 unique conception-to-completion consultancy services corresponding to all the phases of a development project lifecycle. These services cater to a wide variety of projects in various sectors including manufacturing & industrial; service, retail & commercial; warehousing & logistics; agricultural; residential townships & luxury homes; and amusement, leisure & tourism.

Driven by a broad Vision

What drives us is the responsibility to develop India to its full potential. To make dreaming big and operating out of world-class infrastructure a rural possibility.

We are driven by our vision -

To urbanize India and do our bit in aiding the country’s development

To create value infrastructure that can stand up to international standards

To aid in generating revenue and employment for this population-driven nation

Forging Ahead

Spearheaded by the visionary MD - Mayur Suchak, the group has played a vital role in the development of many a ground-breaking projects. Mr. Suchak, a multi-faceted entrepreneur juggling several roles at the same time; possesses over 18 years of experience in tax, real estate, land, property, projects, businesses and strategic consultancy; bringing his unique vision into every project . The network & goodwill garnered over the last 5 decades and the diverse & expanding loyal client base have been the pillars of strength in Magus’ journey so far.

We deliver the 8 services through our 3 divisions. Our three divisions are PMC, Project Marketing & UMC. These divisions function through specific Work Portfolios.

Project Management Consultancy provides 6 services along the six phases of the project lifecycle. They are Project Conceptualization, Land Acquisition & Land Acquisition Consulting, Project Design & Detailed Engineering, Project Approvals, Fiscal Benefits & Subsidies, Project Funding and Project Development.

Project Marketing

It provides the service of Project Marketing, Leasing & Investor Services, along the 7th phase of the project lifecycle.


Unit Management Consultancy provides the service of Occupier Support, along the 8th phase of the project lifecycle.

National Accreditations
  • Project Management Consultant to Government of India, Ministry of Textiles, for Textile Park under Scheme of Integrated Textile Park (SITP)
  • Cluster Management & Technical Agent (CMTA) to Government of India, for Development of Bhiwandi Powerloom Cluster
  • Project Consultant to Government of India, National Centre for Jute Development, for Jute Park
  • Business Partner of National Affordable Housing Infrastructure Limited (NAFHIL)
  • Excellence Award for Magus Consulting
  • Udyog Rattan Award for Industrial Development to our MD, Mr. Mayur Suchak

Pan India Project Services

At Magus, we understand the varied needs of businesses and industries in terms of getting adequate support from the state and the central governments in the form of subsidies and benefits. In this regard, we offer various services which ensure that your business gets the requisite support announced by the respective governments to ensure flourishing and progress of the economy and industry. Our expertise extends to understanding and developing the paper-work, liaisoning, etc to ensure that your business gets the subsidies and exemptions that it truly deserves.

Maharashtra Project Services

At Magus, we offer a plethora of services to ensure that the business environment you operate out of is truly viable, well conceptualised & designed, supported with robust utilities & facilities, structurally sound and capable of meeting your unique business needs. Our expertise extends to various industries and sectors with capabilities to meet all your needs under one roof; right from land consultancy & project conceptualisation to erecting a finished project that's truly world-class.

Post Project Services

At Post Project Services, we understand that creating a world-class business and industry environment in not enough; it needs to be backed by as robust a support system for operations and management of all the utilities and facilities. Our highly professional teams with capabilities across macro and micro management of all aspects of large and small projects including its administration, upkeep, management and corrective measures whenever required.

How to Apply

Apply to experience and live the excitement of creating flourishing communities

All of Magus's recruiting is managed at the country and regional level for various central, state and unit projects. To apply, please choose a discipline and review its career opportunities. You could also request to interact through mail with heads of the particular discipline or division. To understand the qualifications and download the application form, click on the link provided below.