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Project Conceptualisation

The genesis of growth

Insightful conceptualisation involves identifying opportunities, developing a micro and macro perspective, analyzing their feasibility from various perspectives, and assessing financial viability. All our recommendations are based on painstaking research and understanding of the existing scenario. Only the most experienced teams with adequate understanding of the industry and location of the project in question get involved in the conceptualisation stage.


Magus Edge

To create a concept for our clients that meets their unique needs, we leverage our expertise in the following aspects of project development:

  • Project or unit subsidies and fiscal benefits
  • Land acquisition process and legalities
  • Creating plans that make optimum use of available land
  • Cost-effective construction
  • Property markets

Best Use Study

Many a times, clients have a piece of land in hand, but they are uncertain about the kind of project to initiate, in order to yield the maximum return on their investment. In such a scenario, a Best Use Study suggests the optimum way to ulitilize the land’s potential. Such a study typically entails conceptualising a project by analysing the regulatory environment and market scenario, preparing a land use plan, proposing a product mix, and forecasting key financial benefits that can accrue to the client. This gives our clients the confidence and direction in formulating appropriate business strategies. It is typically required by developers, promoters, and equity investors, while making investment decisions.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is required to analyse the viability of a proposed project from various practical considerations. It involves a detailed analysis of a real estate product on a given land from legal, marketability, and financial perspectives to assess its viability in the long term. It is highly useful for developers, promoters, or investors while making strategic decisions like choosing to go ahead with a project or not.

Advisory Services

Apart from complete studies, we take equal pride in offering the following specific Individual Services:

  • Legal and regulatory analysis of land
  • Statutory advice on government policies
  • Location analysis
  • Real estate market analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Fiscal and value addition