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Project Development

Strategies for effective execution

Magus is committed to creating effective ‘design and build’solutions covering all phases of the project development i.e. pre-execution, execution and post execution stages. Magus brings its insight, understanding and groundwork to every project in order to make it viable and effective. We work with large contractors and have a joint venture with Vascon Engineers Ltd., a leading construction and real estate development company.



  • Feasibility study of project from construction perspective
  • Analysis of cost sheet, boq, bid documents and contract awarded
  • Examination design specification, plans, engineering activities,infrastructure orientation
  • Breakdown of approved plans up to working drawings (gfc) received
  • Preparation of construction planning and scheduling

Execution till Completion

  • Well-set HSE management, QMS and QA QC program
  • Adoption of suitable construction technology
  • Application of disciplined process and methodology
  • Monitoring of experts for cost control, cash flow and bill payment
  • Excellent co-ordination with external and internal agencies on board
  • Optimum utilization of construction machinery for execution
  • Availability of well equipped & trained work force
  • Transparent transactions from top to bottom
  • Regulated flow of information and data control
  • Certification of bills, work completion
  • Commencement of project