From the strategic identification of land all the way to the final title certificate in acquirer’s name, at Magus we are with our clients’ every step of land acquisition processes. Ensuring all due diligence is made, all legal compliances are met and all negotiations for best deals are closed to create win-win situation for acquirer & seller of land.

  • Land Facilitators-Brokers-Framers Networking
  • Land Survey, Demarcation & Phase-Wise Planning for Acquisition
  • Price Negotiations
  • Land Aggregation and Strategic Tie-Ups with Land Owners Via Primary Documentation
  • Managing the Entire Transaction at a Micro Level, Step-by-Step
  • Getting Physical Possession of the Property and Sealing the Boundary
  • Transferring Property in the Name of the Buyer in the Title Records
  • Availing records of the land
  • Title Search & Title Certificate
  • Land Legal Clearance Services
  • Tenancy Clearances
  • Mortgage/Loan/Burden Clearances
  • Other Government Clearances
  • Court Matters Settlement
  • Land acquisition
  • Documentation With Proper Identification Proofs & Precautions & Execution thereof
  • Land Valuation, Adjudication, Payment Of Stamp Duty & Registration
  • Post Registration Services
Fact File
  • 1500+ acres of land bank in Thane and Raigad districts
  • 350+ acres of land acquired in MMR region
  • 1000+ acres of land acquisition in progress
  • 130 acres of land allotment acquired in MIDC