the legacy

Spearheaded by Mr. Mayur Suchak, Magus Consulting is a leading holistic solution provider that deals across 7 industrial, infrastructure, realty and urbanisation sectors. With over 25 years of experience in financial consultancy, real estate, land, property, projects, business and strategic consultancy, Mr. Mayur brings his unique vision into every project undertaken. For more than a decade, the company has been partnering with leading enterprises to offer Concept-to-Commissioning (C2C) services with innovative solutions that are designed to execute a project’s entire lifecycle. The group has played a pivotal role in the development of many ground-breaking projects. Driven by a broad vision, the group aims to continue the legacy of offering exceptional services that was started by Shri Ratilal Suchak in 1954. The goodwill garnered over the last 6 decades and the diverse client base have become the pillars of strength in the Magus’ journey so far.

Leading integrated end-to-end solutions provider
Dealing across 7 industrial infrastructure, realty and urbanisation sectors


“India is a country with a capacity to achieve success with the endless talent pool it has to offer. At Magus, we promise to channel every possibility to provide successful outcomes. .”

Dear Patron,

India is poised for growth, especially within the industrial Infrastructure and Realty segments. Clear and definitive road maps for various contributing sectors to the economy have been charted out, where 14 central government ministries and State Governments are expected to take off within the next five years, with over 500 billion dollars’ worth of investments. The future predicts a positive growth in GDP and Manufacturing GDP. The need for manufacturing space will create a lot of job opportunities, which plays a vital role in achieving GDP growth. This gives way to the development of an integrated transport and logistics framework. On the other hand, the real development is when people of India flourish with proper Housing, the emerging smart cities, growth and advancement in Agriculture with an excellent scope for Organic Farming. However, the critical question is centred on enterprises - how do they leverage this emerging environment of opportunities and do they obtain reliable partners. As a Concept-to-Commissioning (C2C) solutions provider, we are committed to enabling enterprise in India and we bring together our understanding of the Indian environment with our expertise of delivering world-class services, while collaborating with enterprises.

I welcome you to explore the world of possibilities with Magus, and give your future the outcome it deserves.

Mayur Suchak,
Chief Managing Director,
Magus Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


“India is on the verge of growth encouraged by powerful undertakings. With such progressive steps, we at Magus pledge to give our full support to action these visions to become realities. ”

Dear Patron,

India is a vast country brimming with talent and skilled people across regions and states. Initiatives like ‘Skill India’ will encourage and sharpen skills of crores of Indians, who will then be apportioning their skill set in various fields. With the digital world booming even in India, the future looks bright, as the government led initiative - ‘Digital India’, ensures that government services are made available to citizens electronically by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. Also, Incredible India is a platform that is promising with possibilities that endorse exponential growth. With India on the verge of progress and power, I welcome you to explore the world of possibilities with

Magus, and give your future the outcome it deserves.

Deepti Suchak,
Managing Director,
Magus Consulting Pvt. Ltd.